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Dog training

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Dog training requires time, patience and a certain level of knowledge about the basics in life together between dog and man. The sooner you start, the quicker and better the dog learns. But that doesn't mean that only puppies and young dogs can learn many commands and certain behaviors. Rather, training in combination with the race-specific characteristics of the dog is crucial. Exceptions are dogs with traumatic events which require a special treatment.

Principles of dog training

Type commands in time

If the dog has not really listens to command you should adapt the exercises to the level and then start getting commands if the dog is not distracted or inattentive.

Praise immediately after new erlenten command

Work the new command, or if the dog behaves so as it has trained him that, then one should praise directly the dog within a few seconds after that. Dogs lose the connection with the reward else fast.

Sparingly to give commands

The dog is, you go back and say it all the time "stay!". As soon as you take a break at the commands the dog resolves the command itself and comes to you. With permanent command learns only that he hears only as long as his master constantly gives orders. If he knows the command, the command should be only 1 time.

Facial expressions, body language and tone

The interplay of pitch, facial expression and body language very well perceived by the dog. Appropriately sensitive, the dog responds to commands that do not fit together. Who appears confident and insecure speaks is quickly not more seriously taken by the dog.

Be consistent

Rewards should be given consistently in learning new rules of conduct. If however, the command works should only occasionally give the rewards and in itself reduce the reward on a pet or a spoken praise. Can still be occasional treats.

Location-independent Act

You should treat the dog everywhere equal. At home the dog is rewarded as well as in dog school or the Dog Club. So, no irritation, which badly affect the education evolve.


Dog commands

  • Seat: the dog to "sit down"
  • Down or stop, also place: at the place the dog to lie and stay; Down and stop and identifies the commonly used in hunting dog training "banning" of the dog on a beep (whistle).
  • While the dog hetzende such as wild to prostrate straight, in performance of the signal with the head between the front paws. The down command is the primary command for the subordination of the dog in the hunting use dog training.
  • Stay: stay at the current location
  • Stand: this command is used to bring the dog from a further distance to stand. Also it will be used dog out of the seat, place or the free string out the let.
  • Search verwund' or search verwund' my dog: this command is used when hunting use dogs to have this a sweat track (blood trail).
  • Search forward: the hunting dog is prompted to the free lost search.
  • On: on is used in the sense of "Come on, let's go". If the dog, for example, in the seat and the dog wants to go, the dog handlers "says!" To cancel all previous commands is to make sense. The exception is the so-called dropping, here, the dog may not be obtained but is to pick up by the dog handlers, such as by touching one's head with his hand.
  • Advance: The dog to the dog away forward for example on a specific target move from to.
  • Foot: it uses to guide the dog without a leash next to it on the left side.
  • Apport: something to retrieve, get
  • From: what the dog in its mouth, release
  • Here: to the Raj come, possibly with Chair


Puppy training


Up to 16. Weeks the puppy learns the fastest and is most receptive to new experiences. He know more at this age learn, children, other dogs, joggers, cyclists, strollers, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, lawn mower, cars, horses, tractors, etc. the faster he becomes accustomed to these noises and events and takes them for granted. The adaptation to environmental stimuli are the most important Grundlge for his entire later life for a puppy.

So the puppy of later time has no problems to touch her everywhere by the veterinarian, you should caress his dog every day everywhere: at the ears, paws, tail, and also the mouth and making and examining the teeth. The puppy remains after few repeats calmly and without fear, you can ask his friends everywhere to pet him. So the puppy that is accustomed to make contact by other people and examine.

Playful learning

Principle applies to the puppy training that all playful and only should be shown the puppies with positive reinforcement and learned. Love, gentleness and patience are always in the first place.
Observing the natural behavior of dogs and it sees behaviors that you want, then you should them immediately with a tasty treat, his favorite toy, or a praise (verbally or by stroke) reward. That can be for example that the puppy "Seat", or "Square" makes, or settles nicely on his pillow. It is the easiest and most natural way to teach desired behaviours to the puppies. So he finds joy in learning and remains with curiosity.

Puppy school

Welp game group, the puppies will get every opportunity to pursue their early childhood development opportunities. You encounter peers conspecifics, which replace their litter siblings and can play with these, have fun and compete. Therefore, it is very important that puppies have much contact with other dogs. Sizes allesn with all kinds of dogs, all races, and types. It's the best training you can give to a dog. It is a lesson that will save many problems the owner as the dog itself.

It is in the foreground, however, that the dogs and owners together have fun. Because all around, there is a positive atmosphere, which is the best prerequisite for a lasting learning success.
So he still has joy in learning, we should be careful, not to overwhelm the puppies. Short training sessions, about 10 min rich for a few months-old dog. Should be a longer break to play or even to sleep and then a short training session can be put back. Good puppy schools make sure anyway.

Trained on an empty stomach is easier, that is the most important tip before you would like to exercise at home with his puppy or goes into the dog school. A puppy with full stomach would be listless and slow and on top of that it may cause health damage. A stomach torsion can even be fatal (see under menu item "Healthy dog"). And on the other hand we can lure more easily a hungry dog with a treat, to motivate him for certain exercises.

At the beginning of each training session, our puppy should may a little romp and play. Then you have his full attention and can start with the exercises. Short lessons and exercises to learn simple commands. In any case, the puppy should be watched to assess the form of his day. Not everyone is equally well on it every day. We humans also. Failing an exercise perfect, not indefinitely continue to try, but go to an other exercise. The puppy desperately needs a sense of achievement, otherwise he is depressed and demotivated. Also, the lab with a simple exercise, completed is safe, should be stopped. At the very end, the puppy should may play again and great around. Under normal circumstances, all puppy schools proceed according to this concept.

Unwanted puppy behavior

The unwanted puppy behavior belongs to never, if the young dog in the apartment or in the House makes it easy. It should never be punished. Excessive biting or chewing on furniture, shoes or other items, however, should be prevented. A little tip, if the puppy in the home makes it easier then helps the Fleckfrei by Saff. Because the agent specializes in pet stains and leaves neither smell nor edges at the point back.

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Thursday, 11 April, 2019 - 23:20


die beste Möglichkeit andere Windhunde Besitzer kennen zu lerenen ist meiner Erfahrung nach einfach Windhunde Rennen zu besuchen. In Bayern kenne Ich vier Rennbahnen, die für Windhund Rennen genutzt werden. Ich hab so Vereinsmitglieder kennengelernt. Über Windhund Vereine werden auch Treffen organisiert und Du lernst manchmal auch Leute aus deiner näheren Umgebung kennen. 

Liebe Grüße Alissa

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 1
Friday, 31 January, 2020 - 22:46


Schleppleinen sollten eigentlich nur mit entsprechendem Training eingesetzt werden. Die Leinen gibt es meist in 5m, 10m und 15m Länge. Wenn man längere Leinen verwendet , dann bleiben die Hunde am Anfang des Trainings öfters an Büschen oder Bäumen hängen. In so einem Fall muss man den Hunden anfangs helfen und mit der Zeit lernt der Hund sich wieder selbst zu befreien. Ohne einem vorbereitenden Training hat man sonst das Problem, dass z.B. ein junger Hund seinen Jagdinstinkt entwickelt und das weitere Training dann deutlich schwieriger wird, wenn man ihn vorher nicht an die Leine gewöhnt hat. Ich würde auch dazu raten am Anfang vielleicht gebraucht bzw. billige Leinen zu nutzen. Es hilft, wenn man mit kurzen Leinen anfängt und die Länge der Leine dann dem Verhalten des Hund anpasst :)

GLG Alina

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 4
Saturday, 11 March, 2017 - 23:30

Moin moin

Klicker sind die besten Hundetrainer :) Keine andere Trainingshilfe hat so gut geholfen unserer Kleinen viele Kunststück beizubringen. Was vorher 50 Wiederholungen über Tage gebraucht hat bis sie ein Kunststück mit ner Menge Leckerlis gelernt hat, dauert jetzt nur noch halb so lang. Ausserdem braucht man nicht so viele Leckerlis, was ja auch nicht schlecht ist:)

Grüße Georg

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 10
Wednesday, 13 November, 2019 - 22:03


uns hat es geholfen, die Fütterungszeiten für das Training zu ändern. Wir haben während der Sommerferien die Fütterung in der Früh ausgesetzt und sind einfach  mit der Portion  Futter rüber in den Park zum Training. Das haben wir dann konsequent die ganzen Ferien durchgezogen. Unser Hund war deutlich stärker auf mich fokusiert, da er Hunger hatte und hat die Kommandos schon von Beginn an ziemlich gut befolgt.

Dass Training kann man so ja nicht ewig durchführen und  bei jungen Hunden sollten man keine Wunder erwarten. Im Prinzip verhalten sich junge Hunde wie kleine Kinder oder Jugendliche. So regagiert ein Kind beim Spielen auch nach mehreren Aufrufen nicht, weil ein Spielzeug in diesem Moment viel interessanter als die Eltern.

Wenn man nun mit einer Schleppleine trainiert kann man ein ignoriertes Rückrufkommando einfach mit einer kürzeren Leine bestrafen. Für das Training braucht man allerdings ein Geduld :)

LG Joyce

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 7
Sunday, 4 February, 2018 - 17:25

Hi Craig,

ja wir haben teilweise Schleppleinen bei unseren. Mit Jagdhunden ist das je nach Rasse aber auch sehr sinnvoll und meiner Meinung auch die einzige sichere Art eine Davonlaufen in unbekanntem Gebiet zu verhindern. Ganz besonders bei Spaziergängen am Waldrand hat das bei meinen Hunden schon ein paar Mal ein Stiften gehen der Hunde verhindert und insgesamt auch dazu geführt, dass sie besser hören und zurückkommen. Zurück kommen sie aber immer noch nur, wenn kein Jagsreiz besteht.

Unere Schäferhunde sind Hetzhunde und müssen gerade in solchen Gebieten dann unbedingt an die Schleppleine. Auf ein paar Hundewiesen gehts mit denen aber auch ganz ohne Leinen dann.

Mit unseren spanischen Windhund Mix Paar geht gar nichts ohne Leine, Die sind selbständiges Jagen gewöhnt und lassen sich auf Distanz nur sehr schwer zurückrufen, wenn der Jagdreiz noch voll gegeben ist. Bei den Spaniern hat die Schleppleine in Sachen Rückruf aber nichts gebracht.

Liebe Grüße


Anzahl an Kommentaren: 4

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