Diet for dogs

Protein and protein for the dog

A dog needs protein or proteins in the focus for the regeneration of tissue and for maintaining the substance of the body. Proteins are made of amino acids of which the dog also can build the most. A dog through diet must include specific amino acids. Amino acids must therefore be included in ...
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Mineral trace elements for dogs

Minerals are divided into volumes - and trace elements. The concentration of the bulk elements located mostly in terms of grams, while the trace elements usually under 100 mg are to find. They are essential to life and are used for the construction and reconstruction of body substance. In addi...
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Dogs dry food

Dry food for the dog. Pure dried fodder should be tailored to specified target group of dogs according to age and activity. Unfortunately, there are some products that make false statements to the constituents of the action even when the dried fodder or to its use in puppies or adult dogs. Bec...
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Wet food for dogs

Wet food or dry food for the dog. Bought moist feed is often less suitable as opposed to dried fodder. Although in Germany for dog food, these legal provisions are regulated in the food and feed law since 2005, the feed is awarded still like to sometimes not, the printed parts of the Chuck are...
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Dog food without animal experiments

Conventional dog food is often tested on dogs, which kept partly abroad in test laboratories. The conditions in the laboratories depend heavily by the country where the laboratory sits. To tests for the dog food can be procured simply. The conditions for dogs in which the tests are performed a...
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BARF organic raw food

BARF stands for was available raw food and was published by the Australian veterinary surgeon Dr Ian Billinghurst. It used high-quality, raw ingredients that contain lots of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and trace elements. It is cooked anything. Stomach and intestines of the dog are different...

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