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Free dog sitter classified ads or requests give up. The ad, as well as the teaching and many other services are completely free of charge. Faster contact without hurdles. People who are looking for dog sitters, must register, not to make contact with each other. Because our services are free of charge, no data are required for payment by us.

Grasp the opportunity of the new offer

We offer this free service from August 2015. Take advantage of our large range and place your free ad for your city from the other.

Direct contact between the dog sitters and dog owners

We did not convey and not interfere in your communications or your business. The shipping hand made that are completely up to you. We offer a platform for the first contact.

Equal opportunities

No statistics for mediations or assessments. The information in the profile of the pet sitter make the difference.


We require no qualifications for the dog manners. Just take it! It can register with us all of the students to the dog trainers and offer as a dog sitter.


  • Pay dog manners always after.
  • Pay attention to references, evidence such as the certificate of competence
  • Dangerous dogs depending on the municipality may handled only by trained personnel.
  • Clarify the costs at a possible veterinarian use.
  • Ask if the dog owner has a dog liability insurance.
  • Vote features (diseases, eating habits, dealing with other dogs and people, linen, toys, dog-walking courses)
  • Contact details for the emergency transfer

Easy logon

For registration, you must specify only a name and a password. You determine how many contacts you want to specify in your ad by itself. We advise you to an own E-mail address on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or GMX, you should regularly obtain. Or use our free anonymous mail forwarding service. Just their given name, then the city and a four digit number with as a contact type. Example: [email protected].

After login please click "Create content" on the point and then choose the form of "Dog Sitter" and is already finding your ad online for free. In addition, you can use our many other free offers and the community.

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