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Buy or adopt a dog

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If you want to get a dog, it is better to first in the animal shelters to look around, before the dog is purchased directly from the breeder. With the adoption of a dog, man assumes a huge responsibility. The animal shelter must conscientiously choose a dog, which fits to the individual dog. This saves you much unnecessary stress the dog and the owner. As interested it is important to know which dog breed best to own temperament and the family fits in advance. After the adoption of a dog from the animal shelter to get help with minor problems but continue to their delivery to a new dog owner, fits the dog but not to the family. For the adoption of dogs there to keep some points in mind:

Check the dog's health

Dogs from animal shelters are always extensively treated vet before passing it to the new dog owner. They are examined, dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and aged accordingly also castrated. Dogs from the EU will already have an EU pet passport. Sometimes however, that apparently healthy-looking dogs cost reasons were not fully investigated. In case of doubt, you should examine the dog themselves let or let himself give the results of the investigation.


Depending from which animal shelter, the dog comes, he can bring also frequently occurring diseases.

Visceral leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis is a Mediterranean disease, which should prove especially animal shelters from the Mediterranean before the handover. Leishmaniasis is a disease, which is caused by parasites. The tropics and Eastern Africa, but also the Mediterranean and Asia are its distribution area. In the last 20 years, the sandflies, which mainly transmit leishmaniasis, occur due to climate change increasingly in Germany. There are cases of leishmaniasis in dogs in Germany reinforced and occasionally also in humans. In the event of the outbreak of leishmaniasis, one must invest a lot of time in the care and treatment of the disease. Also, the person infects one third of the existing types of leishmaniasis.


Giardia are small intestine parasites. For the people, they represent a danger because the parasites can be transmitted by the dog. Infected dogs or people excrete giardia as cysts with the Chair. Infections occur when ingested giardia from the Chair with the mouth. There's the medicine of Panacur against these intestinal parasites. Due to the conversion of feed, the dogs also often have diarrhea.


Leptospirosis is a bacteria transmitted only between dogs, but even when swimming in the pools and ponds. Leptospirosis can cause kidney infection with urinary poisoning and initially manifested by loss of appetite with fever. Since some of these bacterial species also for the people can be dangerous, the vaccine against leptospirosis is strongly recommended.


Viral disease with vomiting and blood in the feces that is transmitted through feces, urine, saliva, from dog to dog.


A viral disease with white foaming at the mouth, which is transmitted by wild animals and is extremely dangerous for people. Because rabies is always fatal, care should be taken especially in rabies-prone areas, always on sufficient vaccine.


Virus infection, similar to the symptoms of human flu. Once the infection was usually fatal, today he has been greatly reduced due to the vaccination provision.

The dog after the races to select character

Hunting dogs

Terrier, Badger dogs such as dachshunds, hounds, dogs, pointing dogs, welding dogs, Retrievers, water dogs, Basset, Beagle, Retriever

Open-minded towards others, define a pronounced hunting instinct and outstanding senses a hunting dog. Hunting dogs have a strong desire to pursue prey in each situation and to make depending on the type. The many different forms ask some experienced and active dog owners, but also family-friendly.

Sheepdogs and cattle dogs

Shepherd dogs or shepherds, Berger, collies, and others
Sentry dogs, with a strong herding and guarding instincts. This dog is a loyal companion who wants to be employed and is able to work all day as a working dog is.

Monitoring, surveillance and protection dogs

Terrier, Spaniel, Chihuahua, Bulldog, pug. Poodle, Rottweiler, Schnauzer, Pinscher, cattle dogs, Boxer, great Dane and others

Most loving and affectionate towards the dog owners and critically to strangers. Confident and intelligent companion and family dogs with a high stimulus threshold in its own family. Protection and guard dogs can meet strangers over also with aggression trained in and combat readiness. Guide dogs in the social sense must be specially trained and tested.


Hybrid - or breed dogs differ in this respect, the character development is more predictable in a race dog as a mixed-breed dog.


Take into account the social behavior of the dog in the selection

Anxious and insecure dogs

Dogs, which are described as "Fear dogs" need very experienced dog owners. Even if the animals with their previous environment have well understood, does not mean that they get well with all other dogs, they encounter in their new environment. Cats or children suitability must be tight usually. Also, these dogs are there to be mostly not used alone and it is likely that the canvas tour also correctly needs to be trained on with special equipment.

Aggressive dogs

Obviously aggressive dogs are never taught generally from animal shelters. However, there are also showy dogs, which have developed striking due to poor animal husbandry or livestock farmers. The aggression is based mostly on fear, anger, frustration, hunting instinct, game drive or pain/illness. You must parse and handle the behavior with patience. In addition, these dogs only with a muzzle, harness and leash in the vicinity of people must be. Aggressively showy dogs should not be left in the vicinity of children or other animals.

Loving, friendly family dogs

Some breeds have a high threshold in the own environment and are better suited as a family dog with small children. However, it depends on the experience of the dog before. Should these children by earlier often annoyed or abused have been, he is accordingly behave, react fearfully or even aggressive.

Confident, intelligent and active dogs

Character and intelligent dogs need a holder, which dealt much with you. While the requirements and games should change and also intensively we must deal with you. Otherwise creates frustration with all its effects. These dogs are ideal for sporty active dog owners who like to be in the great outdoors.

Selection of the dog after the age - puppy or adult

Advantages: buy a puppy

You can still Guide and shape a puppy in his development. He is especially sweet for a few months and cuddly. As a puppy, he did usually barely negative experiences with people and is therefore still completely closed.

Disadvantages: purchase a puppy

He is still not housebroken. He needs much attention and time of its holder as a puppy and as a young dog in the first year. In the time you must restrict accordingly his activities and the profession, because not so mobile and active as a senior dog is a puppy. You can judge character and health limited in the puppy age. A puppy test (dominance, submission, attachment, intelligence, irritability, retrieving, game drive) but can roughly check a few traits of the dog and on the basis of its forecasts.

Save a dog from the animal shelter

Would you adopt a dog from the animal shelter, a contact visit where are all personally get to know and check takes place first, whether the described environment for the dog would be suitable. To the date it brings an information sheet for the shelter.

If necessary, a visit to one's home can be agreed in certain cases. When dog owners and dog like himself and everything else fits, is in agreement with the foster home, a visiting appointment.

If you would like to adopt a dog from the EU, the possibility of a previous learning does not exist of course, except when you want to take the route to Romania to. On-site, often cooperating animal rights can help in processing.

Conditions for the adoption of

All the family members you must agree with the inclusion of an animal. You can

for rent, it is helpful if a permit to keep one or more dogs from the landlord has. Also, a dog should be no longer than five hours must stay alone on the day and in the

Acclimatization phase you should take a few days holiday. If one has a House with a garden or rents, the garden must be "dog" designed.

Initially, your new family member on the first dog-walking walks with a tow line should be protected. There are many breakout artists among the dogs, who discover every little hole, jump over the fence or dig under it through.

In order to pass, a protection contract is signed in which all rights and obligations of the animal protection association and the vaccinations as a new owner are listed.

After the handover you should register and again at the animal shelter, to show the previous keepers now how the dogs. Often, dogs have been maintained for many years in the animal shelter and the keepers are pleased when their dogs have found a great home.

Cost of adoption from a shelter

Shelters generally take a fee of 300 euros to the mediation. The sum is negotiable but often, especially when dogs are not completely healthy or older.

The protection fee serves not only to protect of the mediated animals, but is also a necessary contribution to the daily expenses of the animal shelters. Include accommodation costs, veterinary costs, feed, etc.

Dogs help without adoption

Even if you can take a dog at home, there are many ways to help

Donation for the dog ownership

By making a one-time donation to help animal shelters and associations urgently costs to settle, such as vet bills for emergency animals, transport costs, and much more. Donations accounts are easy to find at all animal shelters.

Supply sponsorship

Through a monthly supply sponsorship for a particular dog, you can help him without to take him. Your sponsorship for a dog helps the animal shelters or clubs, to cover the cost of feed, as well as to pay for vaccinations, deworming and other medical services.

Club membership

A monthly contribution can be used as a member of an Association of animal protection can provide medical care to dogs, neuter, vaccinate and to accommodate on foster care.

Neutering sponsorship

With a sponsorship of castration, you support in advance to prevent the suffering of many street animals are neutered and returned to their usual feeding grounds of animal shelters.

Food and donations in kind

Clubs and animal shelters organize regular food supplies also internationally and support to animal rights activists and dogs.

Flight Godfather are

If it has to spend holidays in Spain and flies from Spain to Germany then you should log to an animal shelter or Club, to take a dog on a journey. An animal protection association or an animal shelter organize everything locally abroad and also deal with the picking up of the dog at the airport in Germany. You have no costs as flight, everything is supported by the Association or the animal shelter.

Foster offered

Some dogs require a special attention or care. This can be register as a foster home, until these dogs are taught definitively.


A testament would help animal shelters and clubs and help numerous help needy dogs.

Deduct donations tax

At the tax office, donations can be submitted up to 200 euros a year with a simple copy of the bank statement as a tax-deductible.

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Alles für den Hund von Amazon


Monday, 29 May, 2017 - 00:12

Unser Tierarzt hat uns nahegelegt unsere Hündin zu kastrieren. Wir sind dem Rat gefolgt, obwohl wir sie ja schon gerne natürlich aufwachsen lassen wollten. Da es bei uns in der Strasse aber nur Katzen und 2 Hündinnen gibt und auf der einzigen grösseren Wiese bei uns auch keine Hunde spielen dürfen, ist es wohl besser so. Unnötigen Stress soll die Kleine nicht haben und wir kennen 2 Hündinnen, die kastriert und völlig entspannt und aktiv und stressfrei sind.

LG Annabelle

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 9
Wednesday, 1 May, 2019 - 22:00


lange Haare bei Hunden sind in jedem Fall aufwendiger als Hunde mit einem Kurzhaarfell. Das absolute beste Beispiel meiner Meinung nach ist Gassi gehen während schlechtem Wetter. Jeder Hundebesitzer weiss wie intensiv Hunde mit einem nassen Fell riechen können. Hunde mit kurzem Fell schütteln sich ein bis zwei Mal und haben nur noch ein leicht feuchtes Fell, welches innerhalb von einigen Minuten trocknet. Hunde mit langem Fell brauchen ohne intensives Trocknen Stunden bis sie wieder richtig trocken sind. Das kann in einem regnerischen Herst dann schon Mal anstrengend sein.

LG Jileen

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 4
Saturday, 30 September, 2017 - 20:40

Hallo Ada,

der Schäferhund ist nicht unbedingt gut geeignet für eine Wohnung. Ein Nachbar von uns hatte einen Schäferhund in einer Wohnung im dritten Stock ohne Aufzug. Er hatte ständig Probleme, weil der Hund Probleme mit der Hüfte oder dem Rückrad hatte. Mittlerweile wissen wir, dass der Schäferhund ein Risikopatient für  Hüftgelenkbeschwerden  und andere bewegunsbedingten Probleme ist.

Daher ist eine Haltung in einer Wohnung eher schwierig zumindest aus unserer Erfahrung. Vor allem unnatürliche Bewegung durch z.B. Treppensteigen und wenig natürliche Bewegung mangels Garten ist eher nicht so gut für die Rasse geeignet.

Ich würde Dir eher zu den kleineren Rassen wie Terrier raten.

Liebe Grüße Maike

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 1
Wednesday, 6 September, 2017 - 22:16

Hallo zusammen,

wir haben unsere Hündinnen bisher auch nie kastrieren lassen. Auch in einer Familie mit 2 Kindern geht das völlig ohne Probleme. Das Risiko der Krebserkankungen von nicht kastrierten Hündinnen gegenüber kastrierten Hündinnen ist laut unserer Erfahrungen und der unserer Hundeschule nicht größer. Wir haben uns dazu vorher selbst informiert und sind nicht blind den Meinungen der Tierärzte gefolgt, die solche OPs schnell mal unter gewissen Umständen empfehlen. Das Risiko, das Hündinnen ohne Kastration an Krebs erkranken liegt bei ca. 2 %. Hündinnen mit einer Kastration vor der ersten Läufigkeit liegen unter einem Prozent.

Grüße Christina

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 9
Friday, 14 July, 2017 - 21:56

Genau gesagt seit 1987 ist es in Deutschland verboten Hundeohren zu beschneiden. 1998 wurde das Kupierverbot für die Ruten erlassen. Leider sind immer noch einige kupierte Dobermänner, Boxer usw. auf den Strassen und soagar auf den Hundespielwiesen zu finden. Leider gibt es immer noch Nachfrage nach bestimmten Rassebildern aus früheren Zeiten. Meistens sind das dann auch Käufer bei Züchtern ausserhalb von Deutschland, die selbst in der EU immer noch legal Hunde kupiert kaufen und legal nach Deutschland bringen können.

Um die deutschen Gesetze zu umgehen, werden die Hunde sogar kurz nach der Geburt von ihren deutschen Züchtern ins Ausland verkauft und dann kupiert nach Deutschland wieder importiert! So haben die Hunde nicht nur den Schmerz bei der Amputation ohne Betäubung, sondern auch noch den totalen Stress der Transporte. Wer solche Hunde kauft macht sich in meinen Augen strafbar -  Nur leider ist der Gesetzgeber da immer noch nicht so weit.

LG Annabell

Anzahl an Kommentaren: 4

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